Emilia and Juan have always relied on each other.  Growing up in urban Los Angeles with an overworked single mother, the siblings often find themselves depending on one another for the love and support kids need.  But adolescence has a way of changing things.  When the good-looking older boy Kevin makes a move on Emilia and simultaneously befriends Juan, he brings them both into an exciting -and dangerous- new social scene.

Shot in a gritty yet poetic style with local teenagers and featuring a soundtrack by local Latino hip hop artists, BLACKBIRD captures the energy, disillusionment, and beauty that define the modern teenage experience.  

BLACKBIRD is currently screening in film festivals around the world.


Student Academy Awards - Regional Finalist

First Look Film Festival - Silver Award for Best Film

Los Angeles Cinema Festival - Special Recognition

Other Screenings: HBO New York International Latino Film Festival; Athens International Film and Video Festival; Urban Mediamakers Film Festival; First Look Film Festival; Hollyshorts


Blackbird is currently available on DVD.  Please contact me for information about receiving a free copy.

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